Kelp Records, Pop Montreal and Blue Skies Turn Black

Bill Fox (Cleveland, OH)

Andrew Vincent (Toronto, ON)

Beaver Sheppard (Montreal, QC)

Thursday May 13th
LE CAGIBI (5490 St-Laurent)
$10 at the door
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Kelp Records is an independent, Canadian record label that was founded by Jon Bartlett in Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1994. Jon moved to Toronto in 1997 and spent two years there (working at Exclaim! magazine) before moving to Ottawa. It was at this point that the label really started to grow, building a stable of the Capital's finest singer-songwriters and bands, including Jim Bryson, The Acorn, Andrew Vincent & the Pirates, HILOTRONS, Camp Radio / Chris Page, Flecton Big Sky, The Flaps and Toronto acts The Michael Parks / Andy Swan. Kelp has released 65 albums over the past 16 years, and is distributed by Outside Music in Canada, Carrot Top in the USA, and Rough Trade in the UK.

Since its move to Ottawa in 1999, Kelp has held an annual weekend of shows known as KELP WEEKEND in Ottawa. This series has brought Kelp acts together with old/new musical friends, playing in smaller, more intimate, and sometimes wacky venues around the city. This year is KELP 16, and we are branching out to our neighbours Toronto and Montreal, for the first ever out-of-town Kelp parties. It should be a blast and we hope you can make it out.

For questions, press inquiries or any other details, please contact Jon Bartlett at jon at kelprecords dot com or phone 613-277-7389.


BILL FOX - This year is a special one, as one of my all-time heroes is coming up from Cleveland for shows in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. For those of you that haven't heard of him, BILL FOX fronted the late 80s power pop outfit THE MICE, who were gone in a flash, but some of you "elder rockers" may remember them coming through in 88. Ten years later, Bill made two well-received albums on a four-track in his apartment and emerged as a critical darling, hailed in a 1998 CMJ cover story as "one of the best songwriters of his generation." In 1999, he mysteriously bowed out yet again, disappearing from music.

With accents and phrasings borrowed from Dylan, the Everly Brothers and Big Star, Fox's pop-tinged folk smudged his influences into something intimate and timeless, finding huge melodies and lyrical flights in small-bore bedroom recordings. Guitar, harmonica, piano, and his own overdubbed harmonies all stitched to this dusky voice that strained with emotion. Over the years, Fox quietly influenced Guided by Voices, Elliott Smith, Superchunk and M. Ward, the latter of whom reached out to have Fox open for him in 2006 in the hopes of celebrating his talents, but to no reply.

Bill has re-emerged in Cleveland pubs over the past year, to the excitement of long-time fans. As far as I can surmise, these will be Bill Fox's first Canadian dates in well over a decade. This will be the show of the year!

ANDREW VINCENT is no stranger to the Toronto music scene, and a veteran of the Kelp roster, having released five albums over the course of the past decade. His recent European tour cemented his reputation as a treasured Canadian songwriter, and a new EP recorded at the House of Miracles is due in short order.

*** - Q Magazine
**** - The characters in Canadian Andrew Vincent's interesting lo-fi fifth album suffer frustration at every turn. Beneath the almost naive instrumentation, there lurks a grim pattern of blight, accentuated by his clean but slightly weary voice. - Irish Times
Vincent writes intelligently with clarity of purpose and melody, and across the breadth of the album proves himself adept at capturing the sensation and minutiae of a situation. It is this preciseness of the record that lends it such warmth. - The Line of Best Fit

BEAVER SHEPPARD is Jonathan "Beaver" Sheppard born Newfoundland, CANADA but now calls Montreal home.

His early musical incarnations began in grade 7 with a band called WEED. Through the use of made-up percussion instruments (i.e. pots and pans). Known simply around town as BEAVER, he now makes lo-fi bedroom 4-track songs with his guitar and pieces of drum kit lying around his apartment. Occasionally he'll tamper with sounds on his MPC2000 and fruity loops. Live performances are epic, intimate, heart-warming and sincere. His spastic strumming, garbled and personal lyrics, and sometimes wailing vocals can be compared to that of Daniel Johnston.

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